Understanding our Level System

At Lux Salon & Spa we offer our clients an array of options when booking. Guests may book stylists starting with “New Talent” for the newest addition to our team or stylists level 1 – 4. Our level system is based on experience and demand. Depending on how long a stylist has been working in the industry and how advanced their skillset is will determine their experience level. 

New Talent

Our new talent stylists have just freshly graduated from cosmetology school and are newly licensed. They are gaining experience so their service menu is slightly limited. Because of this their prices are lowered. But not to worry, they have an entire team and personal trainer the salon to collaborate with while they hone their skills. 

Fashion Color Specialist

Our Fashion Color Specialist, Kiki began her career at the young age of thirteen. Being brought up in a Salon atmosphere gave her the opportunity to learn hands on from her mother, who was a stylist with a love for Fashion color. She completed her training with Clover Park Technical College and they have asked her to come be a guest teacher, as students could benefit from working alongside her artistic mind and wide range of skills when it comes to vibrant fashion color!

Level 1

Level 1 stylists have either graduated from being a new talent or come to us early in their career with experience from another salon. They have shown us that they have grown their skills enough to be mostly on their own, with miniaml outside help from higher level stylists. They may still offer a limited menu if there are high level services (such as bleach & toning) they are still working on mastering. 

Level 2

Level 2 stylists have been working and establishing a clientele in our salon for typically a few years at this point. Continuing their education and becoming skilled in our entire service menu. 

Level 3

Level 3 stylists have accumulated years of experience both behind the chair and through many continued education classes. They are prepared to handle the most extensive color corrections and extensive color projects. At this stage stylists are also beginning to double book their clients. Since most of their clientele are returing clients they have a hightened understanding of their timing and abilities. 

Level 4

Level 4 stylists are master stylists. They are strongly established and carry a reputation for excellence. They have years, even decades, of experience. They have the highest demand for their services. Due to their demand most of our level 4 stylists are no longer accepting new clients, or if they are, they are booked out 4+ weeks depending on the service you’re trying to book. They are our salons leaders, often taking up a trainer position for our new talent stylists, or just generally helping our whole team when consultation is needed.