Infrared Sauna

Look beyond the the commonly known health benefits of a regular sauna – pain relief, lowered blood pressure, revitalized skin – and enter the world of infrared.

When using an infrared sauna there are two things at work. The infrared heat and the LED light therapy.

Infrared sauna’s operate at a lower temperature (around 120˚F – 140˚F) than a traditional sauna (typically 150˚F – 180˚F). The infrared panels work more effectively to heat your body rather than heating the air around your body. While it gently heats the body from within, it is allowing your body to benefit not only from detoxing through sweat, but it’s also deeply penetrating the skin, muscles, joints and tissues to improve blood circulation, oxygen flow and allowing the LED light into your deeper tissues. 

The LED light is chromotherapy, the benefits of which are extensive. Each light in it’s arsenol holds its own unique power of healing.


  • Increases energy levels
  • Activates metabolism & increases circulation
  • Promotes cell growth, stimulating the circulatory system & liver
  • Sooths sore muscles
  • Decreases signs of aging, including fine lines & wrinkles by increasing collagen production


  • Aid in reparing inflammation of the kidneys, gallstones & sinus
  • Helps with menstrul cramps
  • Known to be an emotional stimulant to help remove inhibitions and free your mind


  • Reduces redness and alleviates inflammation
  • Helps to repair scar tissue and eczema
  • Aids in conditions pertaining to the stomach, liver & intestines. Such as constipation, gas & diabetes
  • Stimulates nervous system to heal nerve related ailments


  • Relaxes muscles, nerves & thoughts. Great for helping lower headaches
  • Aids in conditions related to the heart, lowering blood pressure, ulcers, cancer, headaches, nervous disorders & influenza
  • Provides feelings of peace and harmony


  • Reduces bacteria that causes acne & helps to whiten teeth
  • Deeply relaxing, helps to pacify your body alongside the gentle heat of the sauna
  • Aids ailments of speech and communication
  • Reduces anxiety and relaxes the nervous system
  • Ideal for sleeping problems


  • Aids in healing for neurosis, diseases of the scalp, sciatica, tumors and cramps
  • Stimulates cell regeneration and cleans venous blood
  • Increased ability to meditate

If you’re not ready to book but would like more information, or would like to talk to a skincare professional about whether it’s right  for you, you are welcomed to book a complimentary 15 minute consultation with any of our skincare team. 

If you are ready to book please head on over to our online booking portal following the button below and choose a 30 or 45 minute session. (30 minute session is highly suggested for beginners.) An esthetician will begin your service by taking you through the room and showing you how the sauna works, setting you up with clean towels and water, and answering any questions you may have on the service. After your 30/45 minute session inside the sauna is up, you’ll have about 15 minutes to decompress and redress before taking on the rest of your day. 

Sweat Sessions

30 min – $35

45 min – $45

Enjoy a peaceful solo sweat session in whichever infrared light you choose. Select your own music by using Bluetooth on your smart phone to connect directly into the saunas sound system. Sit back and relax~

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