Hair Stylist Level 2
Currently taking new clients
Languages: English, Korean


I came to the States at 21 years old from Korea. I found my passion in cosmetology as I was adapting and learning about the new culture and exploring my interests. I wanted to make people happy as I am happier helping them look beautiful. I graduated from Gene Juarez School, and have been passionately devoting myself to hairdressing ever since then. I have been exposed to different cultures and developed skills to incorporate the best of them, such as having both American and Asian hairdressing skills. I love listening and connecting to the clients, and it is my joy to help them achieve the best look they want and deserve. And I also love to provide my best advice to each client’s hairstyle, as well as maintaining a healthy hair condition, including hair routines and products. Every year there are new colors, products, and techniques, and I love following the trend developing new skills and making them available to the clients. I love to provide all hair services, including perms, highlights, keratin treatments, and relaxers.

Favorite Service to do: Perm and Highlights
Favorite Service to get done: Keratin Treatment

Favorite Products: